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The Neumec Philosophy

The Rethinking Realty

There’s this romantic notion about Mumbai city – that it is one of the great cities of the world. Its striking skyline, its spectacular diversity and its indefatigable resilience seem to shore up this notion.

What’s missing in Mumbai, however, is space – open spaces and practical living spaces. Here at Neumec, we are rethinking the realty space with a two-pronged approach.

Redesigned to Fit

Instead of building indulgent, wasteful living spaces, we concentrate on creating right-sized, right-priced, right-located residences that are intelligently constructed and laid out to offer comfort, accessibility and an all-round lifestyle.

Re-creation Through Redevelopment

So much of Mumbai’s potential is hidden in slums, cess buildings and dilapidated structures. We believe that the future of real estate lies in the redevelopment of these forgotten spaces, and have made this our core focus.