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Mumbai\'s subdued property market is riding to glory with the Eastern Express Freeway and the country\'s first monorail. Concrete that connects eases the life of many and brings in the huge potential to your locality -

DID YOU KNOW? -Mumbai\'s monorail is the second longest monorail after the one in Japan!

And this is the phase from Wadala to Chembur, but the entire stretch is going to be all the way from Jacob Circle at Mahalaxmi to Chembur. Experts say the big upside will be when Wadala officially connects with Mahalaxmi via the monorail\'s second phase.

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That is the question on every home seeker\'s mind. Between carpet and saleable and usable, how do you figure out how much space you need?
It\'s simpler than it sounds, really. Just know your own requirements. Say you need a balcony - so you factor that into your carpet area.

Or, maybe you need a larger kitchen, or hall, or for you the bedroom is the biggest space priority.Pick and choose your builder depending on these specifics they offer. Just break it down into what you need, and pay just for that. Don\'t let the current \"fashion\" - whether it is charging for saleable or carpet or usable - get in the way of

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Mumbai – a city that never sleeps – is a city of high rises, sea views and shimmering lights.

Home is where your heart belongs and deserves much more than a mere tiny peephole of a window! After a stressed day at work there is nothing more refreshing than a view that takes your breath away, a view that makes you feel at peace.

Precisely why, we make homes with balconies! Unlike many builders who believe in replacing quality with quantity!

A balcony, the way we see it, is just an extension of your living room/bedroom, an extension that gives you a sense of belonging, an extension where you c

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When you’re buying a home, should the fact that it’s built on SRA land worry you? Well, slums have been around in this city since the beginning of the 20th century. And real estate is at such a premium because there is precious little free land left. It is up to us to change this, beautify the city and improve the standard of living.

It is no surprise, then, that some of the finest projects today, from some of the most renowned brands, are built through rehabilitating slum dwellers! And along with business aspect, upgrading the lifestyle of dwellers has also been the social cause. This is just the beginning for these

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It’s one of the first decisions that face you, right? Invest in a brand new home – a ready for possession or a pre-launch under-construction one? Or, should you go for a resale property? Like all options in life, these, too, each come with their own pros and cons.

Let’s take the first one – a brand new apartment that’s ready for possession or under-construction. In the former, you get to move into your new apartment as soon as possible, while the latter even comes with the fiscal advantage of a lower down payment and EMIs. Tempting, isn’t it? You have everything brand new, you get to decorate it as you like i

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Is owning a home in the vicinity where your childhood was spent possible? We believe it is. In fact it is even possible to upgrade the life you’ve always known to the one you’ve always dreamed of, with more modern amenities and an enhanced lifestyle. You wouldn’t have to give up on meeting your friends every evening like you used to before work and travelling there and back took over your life.

Your yesterday’s friends still remain today’s! Neumec’s core proposition has been to stick to this big city redevelopment where all the action is. With projects at prime locations i.e. Worli, Wadala, Vile Parle, Mulund